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USA – Pre Orders now available for UX330 – Full details

Update: NOW IN STOCK – See link below. This is big news! Thanks to our visitor Lorinkoz who discovered a pre order page up on This is an impressive price point although it’s the Core i5 model. It still provides a lot of value. Price: $679 to $699 USD Click Here To Order From […]

UK – Pre Order now available for UX330UA

Two models of the Asus ZenBook UX330UA are available for pre order in the UK. It does appear that Europe countries should start seeing the UX330 in the coming weeks. So far the reviews are very very positive. Here is the shopping link: Pre Order UK – Asus UX330UA from – Click Here There […]

Pre Order Now Available In Germany

We are now seeing some pre order opportunities in Germany. There are a number of models available with prices ranging from EUR 999,00 to EUR 1.299,00. Click Here To Shop: Order Now – Germany – Asus ZenfBook UX330UA – So far we see the silver model available for pre order with storage ranging from […]

Be first! You can buy a UX330UA with international shipping right now!

When a product is not widely released, it doesn’t come cheap. However in the case of the UX330, you can take advantage of this opportunity. A seller from Italy is selling the UX330 in one of two colors and will ship to most places in the world. There are really very few if any other […]

Owners manual confirms fingerprint reader sensor on selected models

We’ve seen product images but those do not indicate that the UX330 has a fingerprint sensor. However the promotional video does indicate a fingerprint sensor on the trackpad. So which is it? It looks like it depends! Based on the UX330 owners manual, certain models will in fact come with a fingerprint reader/sensor. This makes […]