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Pre Order Now Available In Germany

We are now seeing some pre order opportunities in Germany. There are a number of models available with prices ranging from EUR 999,00 to EUR 1.299,00. Click Here To Shop: Order Now – Germany – Asus ZenfBook UX330UA – So far we see the silver model available for pre order with storage ranging from […]

Owners manual confirms fingerprint reader sensor on selected models

We’ve seen product images but those do not indicate that the UX330 has a fingerprint sensor. However the promotional video does indicate a fingerprint sensor on the trackpad. So which is it? It looks like it depends! Based on the UX330 owners manual, certain models will in fact come with a fingerprint reader/sensor. This makes […]

Two new UX330 variants spotted

We can’t talk details yet because there simply isn’t that information available, however we do know that there are two other UX330 models. So far, there is the UX330UA. That has been made official. We have now spotted a UX330CA and UX330CAK. These variations will likely only have a slight spec difference, perhaps including discrete […]

Asus brings backlit keyboard to the UX330

We are getting official information from Asus at Computex 2016 regarding the UX330. The question on everyone’s mind is whether the successor to the UX305 has a backlit keyboard. And the answer is? YES! If you read any review on the UX305CA, UX305UA, UX305LA, they all mention the same thing. Wouldn’t a backlit keyboard be […]

Yes, the Asus UX330 is the next generation UX305

We admit to slight panic when watching the Asus Computex 2016 event. In the moments following the event we were eager to see the UX330. However the hero that took main stage, the ZenBook 3, is not referencing the UX330. The ZenBook that Asus showcased is NOT the UX330. To be honest we did not […]