Two new UX330 variants spotted

We can’t talk details yet because there simply isn’t that information available, however we do know that there are two other UX330 models.

So far, there is the UX330UA. That has been made official.

We have now spotted a UX330CA and UX330CAK.

These variations will likely only have a slight spec difference, perhaps including discrete graphics or similar features. Expect the same chassis and build, but with slight component variations.

Stay tuned for details!

New images of the Asus ZenBook UX330UA

Here is a collection of new images courtesy of the Asus promotional video which was just released. These should provide a good idea on the look and feel of this new laptop. We hope to have a full set of product photos in the near future. For now, hopefully these will suffice.

Surprise! Asus releases promo video for UX330

Battery life appears to be a key selling point for Asus and the UX330UA ZenBook. Aside from the build quality, a good battery life is an obvious key when it comes to a laptop. The UX330 is marketed as having a 12-hour battery life but obviously your mileage may vary.

The point is this promo video shows off the elegance of the UX330 along with some of the features that are new and improved. We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these!

(Thanks Tony!)


UX330 vs. UX330UA – What’s the difference?

Understanding the naming of Asus laptops is not easy. We have been keen on following the Asus product line so hopefully we can clear up any confusion.

In simple terms, the UX330 is the UX330UA. They are the same thing.

The “UA” in UX330UA is just a more description model number. It says 6th Generation Core i Intel processor is inside. This is likely more of an Asus internal system because most consumers will not exactly know what the “CA” and “UA” indicate.

So the ever popular UX305 Series has a UX305CA. Those too are the same ZenBook. However the UX305CA vs. UX305UA could both be called simply UX305, however they are packing different Intel processors. Exact same build, with some different internals.

So bringing this back to the UX330, at this point there is only the UX330UA which is going to have the newest Intel processor. It’s entirely possible that in 2017 we may see a new model added with a new Intel processor. At that point you will see a UX330XA, with the “X” being a letter that Asus will assign to identify that particular Intel processor.

In the future will their be a UX330 model with dedicated graphics? Perhaps. If there is, you’re likely to see a UX330UQ which is how Asus distinguishes their ZenBook models that have dedicated graphics.

Battery life comparison – How does the UX330 compare to the UX305 and UX306?

Battery life was one of the minor complaints about the UX305 series. A minor quibble, but in some reviews it was mentioned. There is more to this story because there are a few different UX305 variations and those each had different specs and battery size.

UX330: 57W
UX306: 57W
UX305UA: 56W
UX305LA: 56W
UX305CA: 45W
UX305FA: 45W

See how this might be confusing? One UX305 review is not going to represent ALL versions. So you can see that the UX330 is top of the class along with the UX306. The UX305 models with 56W batteries are virtually identical, although you would expect the UX330 and new components and processor to be more efficient and run cooler, and thus the difference should be noticeable.

We haven’t been able to run battery tests, but that information hopefully will become possible and available in the next month or two.